A blog about all the things. Sometimes, it will be a soapbox. Other times, it will be a crumbling wall. Most times, it will be full of ramblings and curse words. It will tell my tale, one post at a time.

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My labels, in no particular order: daughter, sister, woman, adult, mom, wife, extroverted introvert, lesbian, aunt, feminist, activist, gemini, …

My beliefs and views, in no particular order: black lives matter, diversity opposes discrimination, equality is for everyone, love always wins, kindness is a way of life, happiness is a choice, knowledge is power, climate change is real, community is home, liberal, optimistic with a side of hard-life experiences, nothing is as simple as black or white, …

Other, in no particular order: poor grammar annoys me, we must save the bees, I use a lot of curse words, especially “fuck”, fall is my favorite season, green is my favorite color, then blue, then purple, yellow, red, orange, pink, black, brown…, I love to eat, I prefer my coffee black and my whiskey on ice, reduce, reuse, and recycle…


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Introvert. Cannot guarantee a response. Thanks for understanding.